Hot stamping

Due to the need within the automotive world to lighten the weight of the bodies for fuel economy but without losing structural rigidity, hardened parts are manufactured from the heat, in a process we call hot stamping.

Using ultra-resistant steels, they are heated through a furnace to make the material malleable, then through a press we give it its shape to proceed to its rapid cooling in some dies with a cooling system specially designed for this function.

With this process, we harden the part by reducing the thickness of the sheet, which would be impossible through cold stamping.

Within our technical team, we have staff with extensive experience in hot stamping, being one of the pioneers in the introduction of this technology within the national territory.

From small reinforcements to stitches. To B, and C, internal frames, beams, we are able to provide the most optimal solution to ensure the process, always optimizing costs and ensuring the required requirements of durability.