At Gestión Manares we know that the flexibility of qualified personnel within an office is completely necessary, when fluctuations in workloads occur due to market needs.

We can offer several solutions or work options, adapting to the requirements of the company and the project in particular, this way you can absorb the production peaks without increasing the templates of the clients.

We incorporate our technicians in the facilities of our clients and we do this in the most natural way possible, so that from the first day, it is as productive as possible, for this, we carefully study the requirements that the project demands, always looking for the best profile available in our template.


We seek a relationship of trust with our client, for that reason, we commit ourselves to only send qualified technicians with the necessary knowledge and experience, we look for the interaction between our staff and the client, as quickly as possible.

They should see in us a trusted collaborator with mutual benefit.


  • Project managers / Planners
  • CAD designers (CATIA)
  • CAM programmers
  • Industrialization consultants
  • Die adjuster