Industrial Product

We put our knowledge acquired throughout all these years at the service of the market.

We like to contribute new ideas that can generate novel products, in the novelty, lies the fact of offering our client a differential point that distinguishes it from the others.

The understanding of what our client wants and expects is vital for the good work of collaboration, for this, from the initial phase we create a very close link that allows us to extract the needs and expectations that we expect from us and above all, the most important, from the user.

From Gestión Manares we make an extensive search of the existing products in the market, we find out what they are looking for in the product and with this approach and those of the customer we started to design.


With a defined initial design, we enter into what is the viability of the product, since not only has to be beautiful, but functional and manufacturing, we bring our extensive experience in industrialization of plastics and metal components to make viable the manufacturing processes, with this step, we develop everything necessary to guarantee a successful manufacturing.


During industrialization it is necessary to ensure the entire process, for this we provide the suppliers responsible for manufacturing all the necessary information for the manufacture of the tools, from assembly explosions, 2D drawings with all the necessary tolerances, as well as 3D files or print in 3D if necessary.


We advise on protecting your intellectual property if it is considered appropriate to patent the design and ensure the exclusivity of the product in the market.