The team of Gestión Manares professionals has a great experience in the motorcycle world, where it has already developed two entire motorcycles that are currently on the market.

We can cover all the phases of development of a motorcycle, as well as the design of the manufacturing tools to bring it to market.


Thanks to external collaborations we can offer the purely design phase as market research and preliminary sketches, we have clay modelers to make a clay model and scan it, once we have it digitized we proceed to make the Class A surfaces with the appropriate software.


We guarantee that the design is fully functional, with all kinds of viabilities, from packaging, simulations of efforts and fatigue, as well as manufacturing simulations, such as injected parts and chassis stamping.


With a defined initial design, we entered into what is the viability of the product, our extensive experience in industrialization of plastics and metal components to make viable the manufacturing processes, allows us to develop all the industrialization and guarantee a successful manufacturing.


Thanks to 3D printers, we make functional prototypes to ensure the assembly of the parts between them and see that there is no interference. Having some physical pieces also allows us to see from a very premature phase if the design fits or what we want or not, allowing us modifications without scarcely cost.

If the client asks us, we can offer the design of the injection molds for plastic parts and tooling for the chassis, as well as the manufacture of tools and even the injected parts.