Cold stamping

We conform the sheet through the cold stamping, we cover all possible measures, from small reinforcements to structural parts, such as beams, pipes, internal flanks, as well as moving parts, gate, doors, hoods and even flanks.

Thanks to our KNOW-HOW, within Gestión Manares we specialize in knowing the necessary specifications in the design of dies for stamping prototypes and short series, differing much from those of series, providing in each case, solutions specified at the rate of how we evaluate how It will behave the sheet inside the die, optimizing the maximum cost and time.

As part of the group, we have our own simulation and manufacturing design department, without externalizing any resources abroad, we ensure two things: a controlled planning at all times and an immediate response, gaining rapid delivery.

We have presses between 45 and 2000 Tons, which allows us to print high-strength parts, having a wide variety of machines and different locations, we can adjust to the needs of the client giving full guarantees, both quality and delivery.