Once we have achieved the different components separately that form a body through the stamping, either in cold or hot, they unite between them to form subsets that a posteriori will be joined together to end up forming the body of the car.

Aware of the cost constraint that involves making a useful tool to assemble prototype models with regard to a serial assembly tool, it is important to look for the functionality, but searching within the cast of handling solutions, the cheapest ones, replacing manual robotised solutions.

We take advantage of the experience that makes us assemble assembly cells, to apply our knowledge to the prototype assemblies and achieve the quality that our clients demand from us.

Our usual assembly processes are welding, sealing or riveting, and they range from structural components such as sidewalls, floor tiles, moving parts, laterals doors, rear doors.

We cover all the phases of the project, from the design of the useful, its manufacture in our own facilities, as well as the assembly of the components, which we can respond with great flexibility to the requirements of the client.