Gestión Manares and its human team has a great experience in the automotive world, with more than 20 years in the sector, working directly within first class companies, as well as T1 suppliers, we have also offered our services to plastic manufacturing in the development of all kinds of plastic part.


We have all the knowledge in plastic to be able to develop all the components that integrate the car, from an outside skin to all its industrialization, including all the regulations that the brand consortium requires, our development phase includes until the delivery of the product in SOP.

We have developed front and rear bumpers, spoilers, door coverings, door panels, uprights, covers, supports, nozzles, channelers, keypad.


We develop the bodyparts of the car, from its initial phase, and starting from a 3D design, for this, we apply all our knowledge in the behavior of the sheet, as well as the different welding methods and all this with extensive feasibility studies such as packaging, series assembly, regulations, industrialization of parts with autoforming, fatigue simulations (outsourced).


We guarantee that the design is full functional, with all kinds of viabilities, simulations of efforts and fatigue, as well as simulations of the internal movements of the injection molds, notebook of dies loads and steps necessary to make it viable.


When studies show us that the shape of the sheet is unfeasible because it produces wrinkles or deformations not acceptable, we propose an improvement to avoid them for the client to implant it in his body.

We make it viable plastic parts through a pre-study of mold, with which we guarantee that all the movements of the mold do not interfere with the proposed 3D, we also do moldflow studies of the piece, to ensure the correct filling of the plastic part inside the mold and avoid shrinkage, or areas of brightness not accepted.