Our Strategic Axes


With our broad product life cycle, we have established ourselves as a reference supplier and we have customers in all areas of the process, from product design alone, to customers who want to manufacture the tools or customers who want the complete cycle, which goes from conceptual design to output to the product market.

This diversification of clients also allows us to soften the impact of fluctuations in demand, when at certain times in the market, there are some that fluctuate more or less than others, depending on the moment in which they are found.

We have a network of clients with a very varied product, which allows us a broad implementation in several of the most technological markets. Our know-how and experience has allowed us to enter all of them.


From the beginning of the company, one of the priorities was to be able to offer a portfolio of products as wide as possible, diversification is one of our strategic pillars.

Therefore, we cover the whole life cycle of the product, from the conception through the design and development of the components, as well as the industrialization of the necessary tools and their manufacture.

This diversification of the product portfolio allows us to expand our relationships with the automotive component manufacturers, since they see us as a collaborator capable of designing and developing the product, but at the same time, manufacturing the productive means, to put it on the market.


We want to be close to our customers and their business plans, which is why our strategy is to grow with them.

We are there where the client asks us, that is why we have long-lasting partnerships with local suppliers that guarantee a quick and agile response, with the aim of guaranteeing the satisfaction of the our customers.