Gestión Manares has a great capacity to build dies and injection molds, first class customers, they deposit confidence in us to make sure the tools of their parts. We manufacture all the necessary tools for the transformation and handling of the sheet and plastic, this includes progressive dies, transfers, format cutting, injection molds, welding, assembly and control tools. Thanks to our production plants, five national and two international, together with two design and R&D centers, we can position ourselves as suppliers of TIER1 and TIER2.


The positioning of a car brand within one or more segments forces them to develop and manufacture multiple models at the same time. This entails shortening the lead times and the manufacture of a prototype body is crucial, allowing to know at an early stage the most relevant behavior of what would be the body of the series and apply future fixes. We have a department with extensive experience in prototype sheeting, both cold and hot, both at stamping and assembling.