In Gestión Manares we are conscient that joining forces with companies related to our sector to get a common goal that both benefit, is of great importance, therefore, through mutual agreements we make lasting strategic alliances, always ensuring that our partner perceives us as an alliance that gives added value and not only as an associate.

It is a company dedicated to the manufacture and adjustment of dies for stamping metal parts, intended primarily for the automotive sector, aeronautical and industrial in general.

It is located in Santpedor (Barcelona), where it has its headquarters and adjustment workshop, and has manufacturing and machining centers in Guangdong (China) and Zaragoza.

J-Tooling has a team with extensive experience in the activity of tooling, which allows you to manage more than 150 projects a year, in manufacturing a wide range of types of matrices, from cutting matrices of large-scale developments, or destined to processes of progressive stamping or transfers, as well as the manufacture of blocks for PHD. Likewise, adjustment and maintenance services are provided.

The areas of influence of its activity are Spain and the center of Europe, as well as the Southeast of China, and counts among its clients the main Tier 1 of the automotive sector, as well as the main European appliance manufacturers.

IRAMA Project Integration S.L. It is a company formed by industrial project managers. Its purpose is to manage turnkey projects mainly in the automotive, aerospace and nuclear sectors.

From engineering through manufacturing and final assembly at the client’s home, in a European territorial area.

Design and calculation engineers, heavy and light boilermakers, machining workshops, automation programmers and mechanical assemblers are the resources with which IRAMA has to develop any industrial project.